Piloxing – Pilates, Boxing & Dance

Have you ever heard about the fitness class called Piloxing? If not, I can guarantee you that after reading this short post you will want to try it out! 🙂

Piloxing is a very interesting combination of boxing, standing pilates and dance, including ballet. Classes are based on the principles of high-energy interval workout and last for about an hour. During this class specially weighted gloves are worn, which helps to increase the intensity of the workout, work the muscles further and tone arms. At this point it is important to mention that gloves are not necessary and can be removed at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Workouts can be done with bare feet, in anti-slip socks and also in sports shoes, all depends on what is more comfortable for you.

Piloxing, similar to popular Zumba, is performed in time with dynamic music and of course always begins with a warm-up. This dynamic program moves through powerful boxing combinations, followed by a dance section – which definitely gets the endorphin’s going, to finish with standing pilates movement with some elements of ballet. In this part we perform gentle figures that help us not only to model and strengthen our body, but also to flex the muscles and work on balance and grace. Once the 3 stages are completed we repeat the workouts again!

There are of course lots of benefits of piloxing from improving muscle flexibility and strength, better control and coordination, to improving the fitness levels of the body, blood circulation and finally the main goal for all of us which is losing unnecessary calories. It is worth to mention that this fitness program also helps to get rid of stress, all thanks to the combination of training and great fun with lively jumps and dance music at the same time. I absolutely love this workout.

To sum up, piloxing impressed me after the first workout. I have not only had an all over body workout – of what my aching muscles reminded me for the next few days – but a great time as well. I was also inspired by our passionate piloxing instructor, who’s energy and smile are really motivational throughout the whole class.

I recommend this interesting, varied and effective form of exercise to everyone despite the fitness levels. Piloxing improves fitness levels for beginners while it maintains and builds strength for intermediate and advanced athletes. Piloxing – it really is worth it! 🙂